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Code of practice for Tutors and tutoring companies

Subscription to the Association's Code of Practice for Tutors and Tutoring Companies is a requirement o
f membership.

The Tutors’ Association Code of Practice (“TTA Code”) describes the standards of professionalism that we, the Tutors’ Association (“TTA”) and the public expect of individual and corporate TTA members providing tutoring services, as well as TTA staff and/or directors.

The TTA Code applies to conduct and behaviour relating to face-to-face, online, one-to-one and group tutoring. It comprises a framework for ethical and competent practice which applies irrespective of where you tutor and the students that you tutor. It ensures that the safeguarding and welfare of children and vulnerable people is the absolute priority and that the correct safeguarding procedures are always followed. You must exercise your judgment in applying these standards to the situations you are in and deciding on a course of action, bearing in mind the students you are tutoring.

It also covers the behaviours expected of members towards other members, both Corporate and Individual; towards parents and any others who commission tutoring on behalf of a tutee; and in any expression of views, verbal or written, including in social media, that may impact adversely on the reputation of either TTA or the tutoring profession.

You are personally accountable for compliance with the TTA Code and must always be prepared to justify your decisions and actions. copy of this code must be displayed at members’ primary place of business and communicated to their clients. Corporate members are responsible for monitoring whether tutors with whom they work honour the code. Download the Code of Practice.

It's articles are intended to be binding; breach of any single article may be held as sufficient grounds for lodging of a complaint, and potentially for action by the Disciplinary committee (see Complaints procedure).

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